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This third edition of the two standards represents the principal references of a photovoltaic module, with many important changes compared to the previous edition released in 2005. Design qualification and type approval of pv modules acc. In either case the switching device and short circuit conductor shall be rated greater than the potential short circuit current and open circuit voltage. Photovoltaic solar testing specifications listed below are the most common photovoltaic test specifications along with our environmental testing guide that provides a general overview of common solar panel test specifications that require the use of environmental testing. Iec 61215 for crystalline silicon modules iec 61646 for thin film modules iec 62108 for cpv modules these qualification tests do an excellent job of identifying design, materials and process flaws that could lead to premature field failures. This talk will provide a summary of how iec 61215 was. Or download the pdf of the directive or of the official journal for free. There were so many comments to the iec 61730 1 cd and so much overlap between the two parts that it is likely that a. Documents sold on the ansi standards store are in electronic adobe acrobat pdf format, however some iso and iec standards are available from amazon in hard copy format. The above listed pv modules fulfil the requirements of fire rating class c. Iec 62446 pdf download iec 61730 birthmark, ireland.

Photovoltaic solar testing specifications iec 61646, iec 61215. Part 1 of iec 61730 addresses the minimum requirements for module design while part 2. Full text international electrotechnical commission technical committee 82 on photovoltaics. Specific topics are provided to assess the prevention of electrical shock, fire hazards, and personal injury due to mechanical and environmental stresses. International electrotechnical commission technical committee no. New editions of iec 61215 standards for terrestrial pv. The long term environmental tests of the en iec 61215 resp. Latest amendment of iec 61730 and its impact on backsheet quality assurance quality roundtable 2018 21. Minimum electrical requirements in design to meet higher voltage. Photovoltaic pv module safety qualification, part 1. These modules are typically qualified to iec 61215 or iec 61646 design qualification and type.

It develops and publishes international standards for electric and electronic products, so pv modules. Feb 09, 2011 requirements for photovoltaic modules tested under fire conditions according to iec 61730 2 iec 61730 describes both the requirements for materials and components, such as e. The purpose of this test is to assess the ability of the assembly to limit the risk of personal injury, damage of assemblies and its suitability for further service as a result of an internal arcing fault. How to achieve the revised iec 61215 and iec 61730.

As with the type approval certification according to en iec 61215 resp. En iec 61646 do not cover the aspects of electrical safety adequately. Design qualification and type approval of pvmodules in accordance with iec 61215 iec 61646 introduction, overview the product certification of crystalline pv modules for openair climates is based on international standards from the series iec 68 environmental test procedures. Sep 06, 2017 iec 61727 photovoltaic pv systems characteristics of the utility interface. Part 1 details the construction and component requirements for individual applications, while part 2 provides safety testing. Pdf the commercial success of photovoltaics pv is largely based on the.

Pv module safety qualification according to iec 61730. Structuring principles and reference designation, part 2. Nov 09, 2011 the iec 61646 certification is for thinfilm pv modules and is in many aspects identical to the international standard iec 61215 for crystalline modules. This certification shall be done according system 5 of iso iec 17065 through an accredited certification body for the iec 61215. Testing conditions have changed to ensure safety of the product. Outlined in this document are the test conditions related to our test. Photovoltaic pv module safety qualification part 1. Standards for pv modules and components recent developments.

This document was uploaded by user and they confirmed that they have the permission to share it. Iec shall not be held responsible for identifying any or all such patent rights. Government and alliance retain a nonexclusive royaltyfree license to publish or. International standard iec 607301 has been prepared by iec technical committee 72. Edition 2 of iec 61730 1 was circulated as a cd with national committee comments due on august 10, 2012. This standard applies to utilityinterconnected photovoltaic pv power systems operating in parallel with the utility and utilizing static solidstate nonislanding inverters for the conversion of dc to ac. In this way test samples that have already passed the environmental tests of en iec 61215 resp. The new international standards iec 61215 and iec 61730 ed. Apr 14, 2016 the international electrotechnical commission iec has released new editions of iec 61215, standards for terrestrial photovoltaic pv modules design qualification and type approval.

Requirements for photovoltaic modules tested under fire. An additional test takes the degradation behavior of amorphous silicon due to temperature and irradiance exposure into account. The document is organized by major modification headings and specific supporting examples. The international standards for photovoltaic pv module safety qualification, iec 61730 series 617301 and 617302, were recently updated to reflect changes. En iec 61646 can be used for the safety tests of the en iec 61730. Design qualification and type approval of pv modules. This part of iec 61730 pertains to the particular requirements of construction. Part 1 deals with test requirements, part 11 handles special requirements for testing of crystalline silicon photovoltaic pv modules, and part 2. Following this is the recommended retesting sequence with parenthetical reference to the.

In our lab in germany 30 % of the modules tested to the new standard show some form of chalking. Pv modules shall be certified according to iec 61215and iec 61730including, any special tests defined in the relevant part of the iec 61215 series for example, iec 6121511 for crystalline silicon modules. Latest amendment of iec 61730 and its impact on backsheet. Classification and codes for classes this document is a working group draft for the 2nd committee draft for iec 6462. This international standard series lays down iec requirements of terrestrial photovoltaic modules suitable for longterm operation in openair climates. Cenelec en iec 617301 photovoltaic pv module safety. Iec 61727 photovoltaic pv systems characteristics of the. Department of energy, office of energy efficiency and renewable energy, operated by the alliance for sustainable energy, llc. Photovoltaic pv module safety qualification, part 2. En iec 61646 with the tests of en iec 61730 for the qualification. This standard is intended to apply to all crystalline silicon terrestrial flat plate modules. Edition 2 of iec 61730 2 was circulated as a cd with national committee comments due on november 18, 2011.

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