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Campayo abstract monte carlo estimation of the giantdipoleresonance grn photoneutrons inside the elekta precise linac head emitting a 15 mv photon beam were performed using the mcnp6 generalpurpose monte. International and consumer assistance at its toll free number 800 6382041 or. The radiation beam can be shaped and directed to match the tumor shape. Refurbished linear accelerators radiology oncology systems. In this study, a prostate case and a head and neck case are planned using each delivery. Mrilinear accelerator radiotherapy systems request pdf. Oncor linear accelerators equipped with a 160leaf multileaf collimator and a. Commissioning an elekta versa hd linear accelerator aapm.

The present work validates the geant4 application for tomographic emission monte carlo software for the simulation of a 6 mv photon beam given by elekta synergy platform medical linear accelerator treatment head. First elekta versa hd signature digital linear accelerator linac commissioned in the apollo hospitals dhaka at radiation oncology department, bangladesh and put into clinical operation in 2017. Elekta hits radiotherapy milestone with 5,000th linear. Medical linear accelerators mla market size, share and. As treatment technology and complexity have developed, so has the burden of qa in terms of both time and cost. Medical linear accelerators have been in clinical use since the early 1950s. Take a tour inside a medical linac from electron gun to treatment head. Mar 05, 2015 treatments on the new linear accelerator, an elekta versa hd, started on wednesday, feb. Houston, april 18 the university of texas md anderson cancer centerhas purchased two elekta versa hd linear accelerators seattles swedish cancer institute acquires four elekta versa hd radiation therapy systems patients in the pacific northwest to. A varian ix linear accelerator with millennium mlc varian medical systems, palo alto, ca was used to generate square mlc fields of nominal widths from 5100 mm. The acceptance test and commissioning were performed for three photon beams energies 4 mv, 6 mv and 15 mv and for the multileaf collimator mlc. It can deliver flattened photon beams, flattening filter. The dose rates can go up to 1400 mumin for 6 mv fff and 2400 mumin for 10 mv fff beams. The medical linear accelerator linac is a highenergy xray machine used for the treatment of deepseated cancers by using highenergy photons.

The linear accelerator market however faces various challenges such as limited data availability pertaining to the outcome of the device usage, and linear accelerator device is unsupported by evidence based outcome studies. This edition includes expanded sections on the treatment head, on xray production via multileaf and dynamic co. We can deliver these stateoftheart techniques with versa hd and do it in such a way that it not only manages the cancer, but also minimizes the impact of treatment on the patients quality of life. Mar 22, 2017 radiation protection in radiotherapy 5. The purpose of this study is to report the dosimetric aspects of commissioning performed on an elekta versa hd linear accelerator linac with high. St today announced that its versa hd linear accelerator and mosaiq oncology information system ois have been selected as category leaders in the 2020 best in klas. Elekta linear accelerator comparison chart radiology. Example of treatment room construction for digital accelerator. Elekta unity is designed specifically to facilitate igrt. Versa hd is a new class of linear accelerators released by elekta elekta oncology. The department of radiation oncology will be getting another new linear accelerator set to arrive in may, which will be operational in the fall of 2015. Elektas versa hd and mosaiq selected as category leaders in. At the somc cancer center, our linear accelerator is stateoftheart featuring a digital imager that allows for a clear view of the patients treatment area, increasing accuracy. Need a service manual for a elekta synergy linear accelerator.

Used elekta, elekta synergy linear accelerator buy new. Grid simulation of an elekta synergy platform linear accelerator. Evidencebased clinical introduction of an innovation in radiation oncology connecting researchers, methodology, data collection, quality assurance, and. With versa hd, clinicians can be confident that the dose is consistently placed as they planned it. It features several builtin safety measures to ensure that it will deliver the dose as prescribed and is routinely checked by a. Elekta unity has been carefully designed to make the treatmentfor patients of all shapes and sizesas comfortable as possible. The entire system was put together by thinking through all the different components and.

Technology versa hd at mount zion ucsf the elekta versa hd unit is a recent addition of sophisticated linear accelerator technology at ucsf. Class 2 device recall elekta precise linear accelerator system. As a global supplier of linear accelerator parts and accessories, osi places a world of inventory at your fingertips. We know that you want to purchase a safe, reliable, and effective linear accelerator that allows you to offer the best possible treatments for your patients. Neutron activation processes simulation in an elekta medical linear accelerator head b. Medical linear accelerators in radiation therapy haijun song, ph. The machine represents a multimillion dollar investment in. Commissioning an elekta versa hd linear accelerator aapm wiley.

Elektas versa hd and mosaiq selected as category leaders. St has been committed to providing radiotherapy systems to every corner of the world. A prolonged, disease free life is what cancer patients hope for. Elekta unity arrives at genesiscare st vincents sydney duration. Walters et al, dosxyznrc users manual, nrc report pirs 794 filename. Dosimetric performance of the elekta unity mrlinac system. Similar to the elekta linac, the electron energy at the target for the fff beams is different from the corresponding flattened beam. The scope of this dicom conformance statement is to facilitate data ex change with equipment of elekta limited. Pdf simulation of the 6 mv elekta synergy platform linac.

Dec 26, 2010 a linear accelerator produces a beam of either electrons or very high energy xrays. If your center requires the latest technology available in the market today, or if. The present work validates the geant4 application for tomographic emission monte carlo software for the simulation of a 6 mv photon beam given by elekta synergy platform medical linear accelerator. First elekta versa hd signature model linearaccelerator. Versa hd was ranked first in the radiation therapy category and mosaiq was ranked first in the oncologyradiation category. The present study was designed to simulate the head of a linear accelerator elekta synergy platform type. Show full abstract plans with an elekta infinity linear accelerator and model mlci2 multi.

Two more accelerators will arrive and begin operation in 20162017. In addition to the wide tunnel size and positioning options, a laser free workflow benefits both the patient and the operator as it reduces setup time by avoiding manual tattoo alignment. Schhs timelapse footage of elekta versa hd linear accelerator. Elekta assurance new levels of automation and integration for advanced qa. Ionactive radiation protection safety resource produced by grallator ltd. Tg142 also considers increased precision needed and. St today announced that its versa hd linear accelerator and mosaiq oncology information system ois have been selected as category.

Pdf grid simulation of an elekta synergy platform linear. Versa hd will enable even more conformal treatments that should significantly limit normal tissue exposure and decrease side effects. Infinity linear accelerator enhances cancer treatment at texas health presbyterian. Neutron activation processes simulation in an elekta medical. Feb 18, 2015 history in the late 1940s, the idea of using linear accelerator in the medical application become interested. Linear accelerators linacs are essential to a radiation oncology practice and are used to treat tens of thousands of cancer patients every day. Tg142 expanded on linear accelerator tests to provide guidance for tests on mlcs, asymmetric jaws, dynamic and virtual wedges, epids, cbct and static kv imaging. Purpose of study is to evaluate the end to end commissioning accuracy of intensity modulated radiation therapy imrt and volumetric modulated arc therapy vmat for versa hd linear accelerator using aapm tg119 protocol. Control is by extension to the existing elekta linear accelerator control system software. The first of the twin machines figure 1, an elekta synergy with.

Purchasing a preowned linear accelerator system is not recommended for every facility. Procedure to replace a ruby on the elekta agility 160 leaf head. Linear accelerators definition of linear accelerators by. The simulation includes the major components of the linear accelerator linac with multileaf collimator and a homogeneous water.

When is purchasing a preowned linear accelerator a good idea. Elekta integrates hallmark elekta synergy imageguided workflow in the advanced elekta infinity system, a comprehensive treatment system that includes volumetric modulated arc therapy vmat. Site planning construction information elekta medical linear accelerator document id. Characteristics of gated treatment using an optical surface imaging. Neutron activation processes simulation in an elekta medical linear accelerator head. Members of the elekta mrlinac consortium present updates on. Linear accelerators synonyms, linear accelerators pronunciation, linear accelerators translation, english dictionary definition of linear accelerators. Elekta recommended that customers replace the m20 x 50 mm bolts marked of on the gantry counterbalance frame immediately.

An elekta axesse linear accelerator with agility mlc elekta, crawley, uk was used with square mlc fields of nominal widths from 10100 mm. In conclusion, a software tool, named simac, was developed to improve the teaching of linear accelerator physics in. Tg40 was comprehensive to include tests for co60 units, ct simulators, radiotherapy equipment, etc. Electron linear accelerators today constitute the core of the equipment of a modern radiation therapy department. Service technicians forum elekta synergy linear accelerator manual ivan kuziv hospital hello. The versa hd utilizes the agility 160 leaf multileaf collimating system, which allows for precision shaping of the beam to the treatment area. Elekta synergy platform is designed to enable straightforward integration of the key imaging technologies that will transform an advanced linear accelerator into an igrt system. Powered by intelligent software, unity provides soft.

Pdf commissioning and performance evaluation of radcalc. Radiology oncology systems provides affordable, high quality, refurbished radiation therapy and diagnostic imaging equipment solutions, including linear accelerators linacs, ct scanners, mri systems, petct scanners, ct simulators and more, to facilities around the world, increasing access to quality health care services for millions of patients. Quality assurance is a vital part of any radiotherapy service. New linear accelerator in radiation oncology the loop. Elekta was jointly founded in 1972 by the late lars leksell, professor of neurosurgery at the karolinska institute in stockholm, sweden and his son laurent leksell, in order to commercialize the development of the leksell stereotactic system, and gamma knife, which he had been researching since the late 1940s.

The accelerator can be either a travel or standing wave accelerator for all types of linacs. Comprehensive imageguided radiation therapy igrt system with vmat. It is likely that this will remain true for the foreseeable future. Elekta infinity community, manuals and specifications.

Elekta intellibeam 5 comparison between elekta linacs using pinnacle, raystation, and elipse to a versa hd system with monaco. The elekta synergy platform also features sophisticated ultraconformal field shaping with a fully integrated mlc, 40x40 cm fieldsize, iviewgt epid, mosaiq information. Check out our inventory of high quality, cost effective linacs today. Elekta linear accelerator linac chillers by legacy. Sep 27, 2017 the elekta mrlinac is the only mrrt system that integrates a highfield 1. Elekta linear accelerator linac chillers legacy has developed oem designs for most of the leading elekta linac systems. This document specifies the compliance to the dicom standard formally called the nema ps 3. The digital linear accelerator must not be used until these of bolts are replaced. Elekta and philips are members of the mrlinac consortium. With a suite of advanced guidance tools, imaging of soft tissue at the time of treatment allows efficient verification of tumor and critical structure position, providing increased confidence in dose placement. Linear accelerator s should have multileaf collimators with at least 40 leaves. Hallym university kangnam sacred heart hospital seoul, republic of korea will receive elekta s 5,000th linac assembled at its crawley, england facility.

Use our elekta linear accelerator comparison chart to find the best medical equipment for your facility. So far the novel surface imaging system catalyst crad ab, uppsala, sweden in connection with an elekta synergy linear accelerator linac. Tps commissioning, as specified in the commissioning manual. Elekta versahd patient education introduction youtube. A linear accelerator produces a beam of either electrons or very high energy xrays. Synchronization of the movement of the dynamic leaf guides with individual leaf movements achieves enhanced leaf speed and removes the need for a split field. Photon beam commissioning of an elekta synergy linear accelerator. The idea behind this integrated device is to offer unrivalled, online and realtime, softtissue visualization of the. Sample chapter intro page and chapter medical physics. The versa is also capable of delivering volumetric modulated arc therapy vmat, which. Elekta s flattening filter free fff beam generation technology ensures matching between beams with and without the flattening filter. As clinics become more collaborative and treatments become more personalized, elekta is using precision radiation medicine to work towards a future.

Simulation of the 6 mv elekta synergy platform linac photon. New equipment is more often a better solution for many customers. Linear accelerator pricing guide radiology oncology systems. The system is expected to deliver precisely targeted radiation doses while simultaneously capturing the highestquality mr images. Nowadays, the majority of the patients referred to a radiation therapy department are treated with a linear accelerator for at least part of their treatment. Elekta s highfield mrlinac, the only magnetic resonance radiation therapy mrrt system that integrates a diagnostic quality 1. Medical linacs accelerate electrons using a tunedcavity waveguide, in which the radiofrequency rf power creates a standing wave.

Desert regionals comprehensive cancer center has just installed a new truebeam linear accelerator. Removal of an olderstyle varian linear accelerator and subsequent installation of an elekta synergy platform linac. The microwave power source can be either magnetron or klystron, and the gantry rotation range should be 360. The elekta unity mrlinac elekta ab, stockholm, sweden, referred as unity in the following for brevity, comprises an achieva 1. During the past 70 years medical linacs have gone through 5 distinct generations. Pdf photon beam commissioning of an elekta synergy. Versa hd is a new class of linear accelerators released by elekta elekta oncology systems, crawley, uk. In this study, we have characterized the efficiency of an elekta linac in.

Multiplesource models for electron beams of a medical. Heres a look at the latest ultracompact linear accelerator from stockholmbased elekta ab elekta compact was purposefully designed with a single lowenergy photon beam and a small footprint. The field of radiation therapy is constantly changing, and being able to take full advantage of the latest clinical advancements is. For decades, elekta has been providing a full range of stateoftheart linac solutions to oncology centers around the world. Isocentric accuracy of elekta versahd linear accelerators find, read and cite all the research you need on researchgate. Commissioning an elekta versa hd linear accelerator. Simulation of a medical linear accelerator for teaching. Aug i 22o5 0 5 510k summary date of preparation of summary. Evidencebased clinical introduction of an innovation in radiation oncology connecting researchers, methodology, data collection, quality assurance, and technical development. If you dont see your elekta system on the crossover chart provided, call legacy engineering support at 8779885464. Several multiplesource models for electron and photon beams of an elekta precise sl25 linear accelerator were developed by simulating radiation transport through the accelerator by the national research council of canada nrc. Neutron activation processes simulation in an elekta. Elekta synergy platform linear accelerator radiology. Also,shortage of skilled personnel to prescribe appropriate dosage and sessions is observed in the linear accelerator market.

Mar 08, 2019 since the manufacture of its first linear accelerator linac six decades ago, elekta ektab. The aim of this study is to present the results of commissioning of elekta synergy linear accelerator linac. A device that accelerates radioactive particles and beams to body regions affected by malignancy, while minimising damage to normal tissue. Linear accelerator a medical linear accelerator linac customizes high energy xrays or electrons to conform to a tumors shape and destroy cancer cells while sparing surrounding normal tissue. Linear accelerators use electrodes and gaps arranged in a straight line, proportioned so when electrical potentials are varied with the proper amplitude and frequency, particles passing through the. Linear accelerators for radiation therapy crc press book.

Elekta recommended that customers put the machine in a parked position at 0, and attach the gantry locking straps. Versa hd is a new class of linear accelerators released by elekta elekta. Pdf delivery efficiency of an elekta linac under gated operation. Both, current and predicate device configurations use the same medical linear accelerator linac to deliver photon energies and dose rates for targeted external beam radiation therapy using established magnetic resonance imaging technology for. Elekta synergy was the first advanced digital linear accelerator to introduce soft tissue volumetric image guided radiation therapy. Pdf commissioning an elekta versa hd linear accelerator.

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